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Rhodesian Reprints 2 books

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Rhodesian Reprints 2 books
Rhodesian Reprints 2 books
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Note originals of this book when found average around $50.00 or more per copy. Now reprinted bringing History back

Rhodesian Reprints You get two booklets (magazines)

Rhodesia 1890 - 1970 Eighty Years Onwards 104 page booklet

Building The Edifice page 5

Achievement and Betrayal page 31

The Castle Crumbles page 41

The Offensive is Resumed page 42

The Eleventh Hour page 47

The Die is Cast page 50

The Rhodesians Rally page 54

Taming The Belt page 57

On Board the Tiger page 61

The Threat from Without page 65

The Judges Speak page 73

Facing The Future page 76

Land of Opportunity

The Prospects for the 1970s page 79

Meeting The Challenge page 83

Initiative and Enterprise page 85

Spreading the Bounty page 87

Trade Fair Rhodesia page 89

Water Development page 93

Chronological Table page 97

Index to participants page 102


Southern Africa 1882 page 9

Rhodesian Pioneer Routes page 11

Construction of Rhodesian Railways page 29

Terrorist Invasion Routes page 65

Rhodesia Independence Justified 76 page booklet


Everyone may not know that immediately following our declaration of Independence on 11th November, 1965, the British Government under Prime Minister Harold Wilson subjected this country to a propaganda campaign of lies and distortion which has not been experienced since the time of that arch hypocrite and lair Dr. Gobbels in World War ll.

Not only was Mr. Harold Wilson not content to take over the British Broadcasting Corporation for this purpose, but his Government erected a special transmitter in Bechuanaland and with the assistance of the Zambia broadcasting system has attempted by means of this concentrated evil propaganda and by the savage trade sanctions imposed by him, to bring Rhodesia to its knees merely to enforce majority rule and destroy a responsible Government elected in terms of a constitution which ensures equal treatment for all races.

It therefore gives me great pleasure to write this foreword because Mr. Edwards has produced a book which contains a factual account, supported by copies of official documents of events leading up to declaration of independence and the events which followed immediately thereafter. For this reason I trust it will have a wide circulation so that as many as possible will know why it was necessary for Rhodesia to take the step vital to its sovereign independence.

I would like to commend this book to anyone who is interested in the Rhodesian scene. Our friends are legion - this book will show them and others the justice of our cause.

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